iSmart Massagers

iSmart Massager:

– The Touch Screen Controller

– Massaging Pads

– Massage Shoes



– Pressure Point Chart

– Instruction Manual

– USB charger

– Three Cables

– Pad Protector/Holder


The massage controller runs the shoes  and pads. The device comes with 12 different massage modes/stimulations. The machine comes with an additional cable which allows you to massage two people at the same time or to use 4 pads or 6 pads on your body at the same time. The controller runs off a lithium battery that does not need to be replaced and once fully charged will give you 15 plus massage hours. The device works on a frequency of 1 to 100 MHz.

massage controller

Massage pads

The massage pads are designed to send bioelectrical pulses through the body to effectively ease the pain and fatigue of the area. They are easily applied around the body and is very practical for those who sit behind a computer or desk all day. It is also suitable for people who travel a lot to ease tension in their shoulders and neck. The size of the pads allow you stick them all over the body except for your temples and heart, so it is great for any injury.


Massage Belt

The massage belt works on the exact same principles as the pads, however it  covers a larger area of the body . Therefore its fantatstic for lower to upper back problems, ITB, pulled hamstring or calf muscles or if you want tone up those tummy muscles. It comes with a velcro strap so once its strapped firmly around the area you wont even know its there.


Massage Shoes

The shoes are beneficial for anybody suffering form Diabetes as they help to increase the circulation to the feet, they also help to relieve tired and aching feet