How many pads must I use with the machine ?

Per single cable two pads must be applied to the body to ensure the circuit is closed. When using the Four pad connector cable ALL four pads need to be attached to the body.

What is the big belt for ?

The big belt gives the same stimulation as the smaller gel pads however, the belt covers a larger area of the body at once and therefore is ideal for lower back pain, tight hamstrings and calves etc.

How long should I have the machine on me for ?

Recommended time per session is twenty minutes if being applied to an injury or ailment however if it is just a bit of stiffness it may be used until the stiffness is gone.

What do the shoes do ?

The shoes are designed to increase circulation in the feet, ankle and calves. They are beneficial for anyone who has poor circulation and nerve damage.

How long do the pads last ?

The pads come with its own adhesive gel and therefore no extra gels are required with the machine. The pads on average last 150 applications but it is also dependant on how well the pads are kept.

What is the battery life like ?

The unit runs off a lithium battery and will give you 15 plus hours of battery life also dependant on how much strength is used per session as well.

What is the machine good for ?

The massager is beneficial for any muscle recovery, tension and stress relief and any joint problems such as, Gout, Arthritis, knees lower back etc.